Oppo F15 price in India 2020: Full Features & review

Oppo F15 pro price in India 2020: Full features & review, sale on Amazon & Flipkart

Oppo performance in India has always been spectacular. Oppo has always been popular among customers because of its camera quality, beautiful design. Now the company has launched its Smartphone phone F15. Due to its beautiful design and its smart look, there is a lot of discussion among the people. Its camera quality is excellent with a strong battery. Let’s know about the Oppo F15 price in India 2020: Full Features & review.

oppo f15 smartphone
oppo f15 front look: Credit of image- Amazon
oppo f15 smartphone back side
oppo f15 backside look: Credit of image: Amazon

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Oppo F15 design: Focus on design and sleek look.

Like every new launch, OPPO has done a lot of work about design and sleek look. The beautiful design of this smartphone with a beautiful and sleek look of just 172 grams is being praised a lot. OPPO F15 is a very light and slim smartphone. The total weight of Oppo F15 is 172 grams and 7.9mm thickness.

oppo f15 smartphone slim look
oppo f15 slim look: Credit of image Amazon

OPPO F15 in India 2020- beautiful design & best 48 MP quad-camera

Oppo has always been known for the best camera quality in its smartphones. The Oppo F15 uses a 48-megapixel quad camera. This camera equipped with Artificial Intelligence has been introduced in quad setup which will give you the experience of taking pictures of professional quality. It’s 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera works at a 119-degree angle and further enhances your photography. Helps to take ultra-wide-angle group photos. Ultra wide-angle ensures that no matter how large your group is, all members fit very easily into one frame. This phone has an 8MP macro lens, which helps in taking the best quality photos even in the range of 3-8 cm. Anti-shake video technology has also been used in this smartphone to protect videos from blurring. Best high-definition (HD) photos can be taken with this smartphone.

Oppo F15 Camera Quality: Ring design for camera lens protection

OPPO has designed a beautiful ring in the backside to protect the camera lens. Often the camera lens breaks due to falling or rubbing our smartphone. This ring design will prevent the lens from scratching or breaking.

Oppo F15 Battery Quality: 4000mAh battery with VOOC Flash Charge 3.0

Oppo has not only worked on the camera or SmartLook in this smartphone F15. A 4000mAh strong battery is also being given in this smartphone. Also, VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 has been used for fast charging the battery. Also, this smartphone has 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

Oppo F15 Price in India: Sale on Amazon on Flipkart

This beautiful smartphone has been launched in India on 16 January. You will be able to buy this smartphone from the online platform Amazon and Flipkart from January 24, 2019. The company has priced it at 19,990. You are also getting many offers on buying Oppo F15 by the company. Which will be given to you when you buy a smartphone. This includes many types of office, such as the bank will give you cashback on purchasing this phone from credit/debit card, giving a zero down payment option, 100% additional data, etc. You will get better information about the offer while buying the smartphone Oppo F15.

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